I just downloaded an app. Well, I downloaded a handful of apps, because that's the only way to find a good one. A handful of apps to find a decent one that will let me keep a to-do list. I settled on Any.DO. It seems to be alright.

I keep a notebook in my back pocket because, well, you know, I'm writer. Writers have notebooks and they have pockets, and a writer should always have somewhere to write, right? I remember watching the movie The Words, and at one point that one dashing actor who stars opposite Jennifer Lawrence in everything (Mr. Bradley Cooper, my lagging brain has just informed me), who plays a nice young plagiarizer, is sitting on a park bench with a book when an old man recognizes him and asks for a pen (or an autograph, maybe? I could look this up if I had the movie, or wasn't so lazy). In any case Cooper's character is a well-known writer by this point and he says that he doesn't have a pen.

"A writer without a pen?" the old man says with a wry grin (that was Jeremy Irons, by the way; probably the highlight of the film).

And I have never left home without a pen since that day.

I'm sure the next line was something about computers; oh, actually it was something about it 'being a reading day' rather than a writing one or something like that, but the point is that even before I had started writing I felt the absurdity of a writer not having a pen. I've got a pen in my pocket right now. It's a Uni-Ball AIR. Made in Japan (so it says). It's got little hexagonal patterns running across it and a cap that I would describe as 'swooshy' (it swooshes up to a point). It's my daily carry (don't even mess with my right to bear ink), and it's a good pen. It writes in big, bold lines, which I like. It feels good to write with a pen like that, especially because I like to write in flowy cursive, and I do it quickly, so I need a pen that really oozes ink.

ANYWAY (whoa, it's dark in this rabbit hole), I carry the pen and the notebook and I don't even know how many times I've started a to-do list in it, only to end up with a few random things left among huge swaths of scribbles that I have to transcribe into a new list. I always add things I know I won't do for months right next to things I have to get done before I go to bed; taking a trip to Canada has no business being right next to doing the dishes. It's always a mess and I always get frustrated with it and end up feeling like more of a forgetful failure than when I began.

So I downloaded an app to help me get organized. I like the idea of things disappearing when they're done. I had a picture in my head of different pages for tasks of different priority; one for today, one for the week, one for the rest of my life. Any.Do came the closest to that image, and without my having to pay an annual subscription to use all the features features (for an app?! When did that even become a thing?). I've been using it for a couple days now and I already feel great about it. Of course, I would still be in the honeymoon phase with a paper list by now as well, but I'm still hopeful that this will help me get organized, and stay motivated.

I just put 'Start a New Book' on there - I can't wait to cross that one off.